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25 (Nearly) Free Summer Activities

Anyone else's kids fight like crazy during the summer? My kids aren't used to so much time together and end up fighting nonstop. So we've had to get creative with getting out of the house without spending a lot of money. Here are a few of our go-to activities.

1. Go to a local park - If you have been to all the parks in your hometown, be willing to drive about 30 minutes to a nearby town for a new park. Even if the playground equipment is the same, its a new place and the kids will enjoy it.

2. Make bubbles - We tend to run out of bubbles fast so I had to improvise. 10 cups water, 3.5 cups blue Dawn dish soap, and 1 cup corn syrup. There are other recipes out there, but this one worked for us.
3. Volunteer at a local animal shelter
4. Organize a community clean up
5. Check local events - Summer time means local groups will be hosting free or cheap events. Our library does a reading in the park with free lunches!
6. Book projects - their teachers will thank you come August f…

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